Vacation Bible School

The purpose of Vacation Bible School is that every child present hear the gospel of Jesus Christ presented clearly and that every child be provided an opportunity to respond to Christ personally. Through Vacation Bible School it is our goal to:

  • welcome “unchurched” children in our community, proclaiming Christ to them in the context of a safe, loving, and fun environment;
  • reach out to the families of these children, inviting them also to respond to Jesus Christ, as they see the “good fruit” resulting in the lives of their children;
  • welcome children from other churches in our community to enjoy a week of spiritual challenge, fun activities, and good fellowship;
  • challenge our own church children to continue growing in faith, trust, and obedience to Christ; and,
  • build lasting relationships between everyone present–children, teachers, and support staff.

The 2015 VBS will begin July 13th and go until July 17th. It will begin each day at 9am and be done at noon.