Friday Focus – November 27, 2015

by: Jamie Page (November 27, 2015)


November 27, 2015

“Christmas: It’s not Your Birthday!”

“What are you going to give God this year for Christmas.”

While giving and receiving gifts is fun, I fear we have lost sight of the true meaning of the season.  Our culture has turned Jesus’ birthday into a money-making, debt-swelling affair that fails to give thought as to what the Savior of the world might want from us.

Some will surely ask, “What gift could we possibly give the One who paints every sunset, lights every star, spins every planet, and supplies every breath we breathe?”  Still, don’t dismiss my question because I’m convinced there is still something we can give a God who has everything.

So again, “What are you going to give God this year for Christmas?”

I believe the Bible can help us answer our question.  For instance, this Sunday we’re going to consider the story of Asa the King of Judah.  Specifically, we’ll look at 2 Chronicles 16:1-9.  I hope you’ll familiarize yourself with this passage before Sunday.  After reading the passage, compare it to 2 Chronicles 14:11 to see if you can determine just what it is God wants us to give Him this Christmas.

Don’t forget we’ll get to hear from Marvin, Gloria and Sam as to how God led them to use their gift to bless others this past week.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday,

pastor jamie


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