April 26, 2024

Movies, TV shows, commercials, and books contain some famous and funny questions.  In Star Wars, there a climactic moment when Luke Skywalker asks Yoda, “Is Darth Vader my father?”   From the early 1990’s, one commercial asked a simple but memorable question, “Got Milk?”, but perhaps the most famously repeated question comes from one of the most beloved characters, Bugs Bunny: “Eh …What’s up doc?”

In real life, we are faced with many other questions which are much more important.  What’s my purpose? Will you marry me?  Is it a boy or girl?  What’s the prognosis?  These questions and others can have life-changing consequences depending on the answer.  However, this Sunday we will look at the most important question that you will ever answer.  The answer not only has consequences for this life but also for eternity.  We will also explore another implied question that Jesus’ disciples and each of us must answer.

I hope that you will join us this Sunday as we look at Mark 8:27-30 as Jesus asks, “Who do you say that I am?”

Listening for His questions with you,