April 29, 2022

Actively Waiting

Waiting is hard and, truth be told, I can’t imagine that any of us really like it.  As a child, it seemed like Christmas would NEVER arrive.  As adults, we get annoyed and frustrated with long checkout lines, sitting at red lights, commercials, and seemingly endless days of winter just to name a few.  Yep, waiting is hard, but it is a part of our lives – sometimes a very necessary part.

The Scriptures are full of verses on waiting. Verses like Lamentations 3.26, Psalm 37.7, and Psalm 46.10 remind us of the benefits of waiting on the Lord.  Waiting often is thought of as doing nothing.  However, I’m convinced that with the Lord, waiting is very much an active process. 

This week we’re going to take a challenging but encouraging look at how Nehemiah demonstrated active waiting as he prepared for the rebuilding to which God had called him.  Perhaps the Lord has you at the beginning of a rebuild in your life or maybe in the middle.  At some point, you are very likely to hear, “Yes, but not yet.” I hope that you’ll join us as we see some principles of staying grounded as we are given opportunities to wait on Him.  

Actively waiting with you,