April 8, 2022

As a kid when I would hear about the story of Jonah, it always seemed to skip right to Jonah being swallowed by that big ol’ fish, then getting spit out on the beach and off he went to carry out the will of the Lord.  As I have gotten older and grown in my faith, I have realized there was a very important event that happened in the life of Jonah before that big fish sent Jonah on his way – CONFESSION.

This Sunday, I pray that you can join us as we gather to worship.  We will spend some time together looking at the second chapter of Jonah where we find the steps of confession that put Jonah back on The Road to Restoration.  I am so excited to meet with you all and worship together this week.  

On a related note, I also pray that you are making plans to join us on Resurrection Sunday, April 17, to worship and celebrate our Risen Savior!  What a great opportunity to invite someone to church with you as we look forward to a great Easter Sunday including the celebration of baptisms at the end of our service.  


Pastor Brandon