August 12, 2022

Can I Take Your Order?

How many of you have gone to a restaurant with some friends, or maybe someone from your family, and experienced that awkward moment when the waitress walks up to the table and she says those familiar words – something like, “Can I take your order?” or “What can I get for you today?” And then it happens . . . . there is always that one person who must customize their order. 

In complete transparency, it is usually me.  Let me give you an example.  Let’s say that we are eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  The item on the menu that is my usual go-to is the Country Boy Breakfast – but that is just the beginning.  “Can I get the country boy breakfast, with the steak medium rare, the hash browns extra crispy, and can you put some shredded cheese on those? I’d like my eggs scrambled also with cheese. Can you bring me some extra butter for my grits, some apple butter for the biscuits, and can you please make sure that none of my food is touching on the plate?  I have a thing about my food touching.”  Ok, maybe I don’t ask for that last part, but I think you get my point.

We live in a world that practices a Burger King mentality:  “Have it your way.”  Sadly, I believe for many that mentality has infiltrated their relationship with the Lord.  Which brings me to this thought: When we have an opportunity for personal worship in our quiet time or corporate worship here on Sunday, is it possible we have the mindset that we’ve come to order from some “divine menu”?  Something like walking into our favorite restaurant and ordering something that sounds good today, prepared just the way we like it?  Just some food for thought as we approach Sunday and gather to worship with one another again.

I hope you can join us this weekend as we look at a story found in Luke 7:36-50.  Three people, all at the same dinner, but for very different reasons.  I believe there is a lot for us to take away from this week’s passage of Scripture. 

Love y’all and can’t wait to worship with you on Sunday!

Pastor Brandon