Friday, August 13, 2021

Time to Get Out of the Boat

My whole life I have fought a real, significant fear.  It isn’t the fear of water, but it is the fear of what’s under the surface of the water.  I have attempted to face this fear time and time again.  For example, I didn’t know how to swim until I was in college when I committed to becoming a certified SCUBA diver.  Day one of certification school, they took us out in a boat, dropped us off in 80 feet of water dressed in a wet suit and told us to swim back to shore.  I learned to swim, pretty quick that day.

Or even more recently, a few years ago, I had the opportunity to do some ocean fishing while I was on vacation.  I spent the first two hours of that trip with my head in my hands trying to overcome the sea sickness that was exacerbated by my fear of all the sharks that I was sure were looming under the surface waiting to make me their morning meal. 

I have learned that faith can be a lot like my fear of what’s under the surface of the water.  We aren’t afraid of what we can see; the struggle is with what we can’t see.  For me personally, the invitation Jesus offered his disciples is a terrifying one – leave your boats and follow me. I have also learned something even more important in my life:  that if I am not willing to leave my boat, I will miss out on SO MUCH of what God has planned and orchestrated for me.

I really hope that you will make every effort to be here this coming Sunday.  I will be looking at two stories from the book of Matthew where Jesus offered the invitation to leave the boat.  In these uncertain times, in the midst of all kinds of storms, I believe Jesus could be asking you and I to leave the boat.  I pray that you will join me Sunday as we dig deeper into what it looks like to trust Jesus with our whole heart.

Stepping out in faith,

Pastor Brandon