August 20, 2021


Webster’s defines freedom as “the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved”.  Over the course of time, we have learned much about freedom.  Freedom is perhaps the most sought-after privilege in the world and has been from the moment God spoke creation into existence.  But, despite the constant search and striving for freedom, we are still left with an interesting conundrum – what will we do with freedom once it becomes a reality?

This week we have the GREAT privilege and opportunity to hear from Pastor Lecil as he will share with us a powerful and compelling message from Galatians 5.  In talking with Lecil this week, I personally believe this is a very timely message with significant importance for such a time as this. 

Please make plans to be with us this coming Sunday as we worship God together – the One who has given us freedom.  We look forward to answering this question together:  What is it God has called us to do with that freedom?

Praying God’s Peace,

Pastor Brandon