August 21, 2020

The Two Lost Sons

The Younger Son

 Someone once asked the legendary author Charles Dickens “What is the best short story in the English language?”  His reply was quick, made without hesitation.  He simply stated, “The Prodigal Son.”

Those of us who grew up in church, and even many of those who did not, are familiar with the story found in Luke 15.  Many have heard it referred to as The Parable of the Prodigal Son.  Tim Keller suggests in his book “Prodigal God” that perhaps a better name would be “The Story of the Two Lost Sons.”  I believe Keller is correct.

I have personally heard this story dozens of times, maybe even more than a hundred times.  However, as I have studied this story over the last few weeks, I have been moved, inspired, and I would even say, convicted.  There is so much more to this story than what we were taught as kids growing up in VBS and Sunday School.  I believe God wants to change our lives and the way we look at life with this familiar story.

I pray wholeheartedly that you will make it a priority to join us for the next three weeks as we engage in a new sermon series titled “The Two Lost Sons.”  I ask you and your family to make a commitment to this series for the next three weeks.  I believe it is a timely, relevant, practical series that could put you on the path back to drawing nearer to your Heavenly Father.  I hope to see you all Sunday morning.


Pastor Brandon