August 26, 2022

“Real Forgiveness”

On Sunday we’ll continue our current sermon series with a message I’ve titled “Real Forgiveness.”

Whenever someone alludes to something being “real,” it indicates “fake” varieties can also exist.  Jesus, in a parable he told in Matthew 18:23-35, points out what real forgiveness looks like. As we’ll see on Sunday, real forgiveness is costly, consistent, and it always results from a choice.

I hope you’ll take some time before Sunday to read that simple parable and that you’ll ponder your own life in comparison to it. Parables point out simple truths and should leave us asking the question, “Am I living out what Jesus is teaching?”

When I read this parable, I rejoice in the forgiveness I’ve received from God and I ask Him to help me extend the same to others.

Still on the journey,

pastor jamie