August 28, 2020

“The Lost Older Brother”

Both brothers in the Parable of the Two Lost Sons are reading from the same script – “Father, I want what You have but I don’t want You!”

To be sure, the older brother had some commendable traits – he worked hard, tried to be obedient, tried to honor his family, was a decent boss, and was a productive citizen.

So why is the older brother even in this story? Some think he simply serves as a contrast to his reckless younger brother, sort of a good versus evil thing. But I think Jesus included the older brother for a far different reason, which is what I’ll be talking about on Sunday.

I hope you can join us for week number two in our current series and that you’ll take the time to read our text, Luke 15:25-32, several times before you get to church.

Seeking Him,

pastor jamie