December 23, 2022

“Is There Room in Your Heart?”

Whew! I trust you’re staying warm as the cold north winds continue to blow over mid-Missouri. I also trust you’re ready to spend a Christ-filled Christmas with your loved ones and friends.

Remember we’ll be hosting a Christmas Eve service featuring carols and candles at FFC. The service will start at 7 pm and conclude by 8 pm.  Please exercise wisdom and caution, in light of the frigid temperatures, if you set out to join us.

On Christmas morning we’ll gather for one service at 10 am. The morning message will continue our Cast of Christmas series as we ponder the role of the “Innkeeper.” To reflect upon the “innkeeper’s” role in the Christmas story, consider reading Luke 2:1-7 before you make your way to church.

When I think how Joseph and Mary were told there was no guest room available to them that night, I’m challenged to ask myself if there’s room in my heart for the Lord. I hope to see you on Sunday.

Merry Christmas,

pastor jamie