December 29, 2023

“Whom Should I Send?”

One day, a youngster was really excited about getting to go fishing with his dad.  The inquisitive 7-year old had lots of questions. 

“Dad, what makes this boat float?” the son asked.  The father replied, “Son, I don’t rightly know.”  A few moments later the youngster asked, “Dad, how can fish breathe under the water?”  The father replied, “Son, I don’t rightly know.”  After a few minutes of silence, the youngster had another question, “Dad, why is the sky blue?”  The father replied once more, “Son, I don’t rightly know.”

Another few minutes passed in silence when the youngster asked, “Dad, does it bother you that I’m always asking questions?”  His father pondered the thought for a moment and then responded, “No, son, it doesn’t bother me at all.  In fact, I’m glad you ask questions.  How else will you learn anything if you don’t ask questions?”

As I think about some of the questions that God asked throughout Scripture, I’m reminded of this story of a father and a son on this fishing trip.  However, the questions that God asks of us are a bit different.  After all, doesn’t God already know the answers to all of the questions He poses to us?  Sure he does, but even in the questions He asks, there is much to learn from the answers as we ponder the questions.  There is so much God wants us to learn as we navigate the questions like the one we will look at this week, “Whom Should I Send?”

I hope you can join me on Sunday as we look at this story found in Isaiah 6.  Isaiah learned much from God before the question was even asked.  I wonder, what God would have us learn through this question, “Whom Should I Send?”  See you Sunday morning at 10 am.


Pastor Brandon