December 30, 2022

“Making Your New Year New”

God has spoken very clearly to my heart as I move into a new year – Jamie, making 2023 different from 2022 isn’t about changing your circumstances, it’s about changing you.

While a small part of me bristles at that thought, the better part of me grows more excited each passing day.

To get to the heart of the changes God wants to make in us this coming year, I’ll pose three questions on Sunday.

  1. What do I need to put off and what do I need to put on in 2023?
  2. Where is God closing doors and where is God opening doors in 2023?
  3. What seems important to me and what is truly important to God?

As I personally look into 2023, my faith level for substantial change and breakthrough is higher than it’s ever been. As we consider the promise of a new year, I hope you can pray this with me, “Lord, it’s okay if You choose not to change my circumstances in 2023; instead, use them to change me.”

With growing excitement,

pastor jamie