December 9, 2022

The Cast of Christmas

The Shepherds

I’ve always been a bit captivated by the shepherds in the Bible.  To understand what Jesus wanted us to understand about them, we have to know a little bit about them. 

Shepherds were often the youngest boy in a family assigned to the flock until they were old enough, and physically mature enough, to handle a more demanding job.  Part of their job was to protect and guide the flock to good pastures with plenty of food and slow-moving water.  This was extremely important to the health of the flock.  Shepherds usually carried a few tools of the trade with them, including a rod that had nails or a sharp blade on the knob of it, a long shepherd’s staff, and a sling that they were very skilled to use.  Sheep were so valuable in those days that they would stay with the flock to protect them both day and night.

The shepherd’s job was a dangerous, dirty one.  It was common for shepherds to be faced with the task of fighting off lions or other wild animals looking for their next meal.  A shepherd would put his life on the line to protect the flock.  Every night he would make a pen to protect the sheep, often out of the terrain, and then call out to the sheep. They would listen to his voice and would come into the pen for the night to be kept safe.  

There is so much that we can learn from the shepherds about the nature of God.  In the cast of Christmas, the response of these particular shepherds teaches us a lot about what God asks of us.  You see, like the Shepherds, we can glorify God for what we have seen and heard. 

I pray that this coming Sunday you can join us as we continue to take a look at the Cast of Christmas.  I believe we will be reminded of some incredible things we can be thankful for about the character of God.  Likewise, there is much we can be inspired and motivated to do to glorify God for all that we have seen and heard about Jesus.  I look forward to the opportunity to worshiping with you.


Pastor Brandon