February 10, 2023

“Try a Little Kindness”

In last week’s message we focused on the kindness God has shown us through Jesus Christ. This coming week we’ll focus on the kindness God calls us to show to those He brings into our lives.

I read a short story this past week that exemplifies such kindness. The story told of a hiker in Colorado who encountered another woman hobbling down a mountain trail. On one foot she wore an impro­vised shoe made of green twigs wrapped with a strip of cloth. “I lost one boot crossing a stream,” she explained. “I hope I can get down the mountain before dark.”

The first hiker reached into her own pack and took out a spare sandal. “Wear this,” she said. “You can mail it to me when you get home.” The woman gratefully accepted the sandal and set off down the trail. A few days later the sandal arrived in the mail with a note saying: “I passed several people who noticed my predicament, but you’re the only one who offered any help. It made all the difference. Thanks for sharing your sandal with me.”

On the trail of life, we’ll meet people who need us to show them tangible acts of loving-kindness. Sometimes it may require us to help bandage their wounds, to help pay their bills, or to listen to their painful stories. Other times, it’s as simple as handing them a cold cup of water or offering them a sandal. Here’s something that’s true about genuine kindness – it always moves beyond the boundaries of sentiment into the realm of action.

In preparation for Sunday, I hope you’ll take the time to read a familiar story in Luke 10:25-37 where Jesus describes kindness in action.

I hope to see on Sunday!

pastor jamie