February 11, 2022

The Mark of a Tamed Tongue

What a great start to this series!  In week one, Pastor Jamie reminded us that the mark of a mature believer can be found in how one handles troubles and trials.  In week two, Pastor Dan reminded us in a powerful message that another mark of a mature believer can be found in the way we value others.  This week, we will look at another Mark of Maturity, the Mark of a Tamed Tongue. 

The power that exists in words is one of the greatest, most significant powers that God has given.  With our words we can praise God, pray to God, and preach the Word of God.  We can lead the sinner to salvation with the help of our words, and we can encourage, restore, and inspire.  At the same time, there also exists the power in our words to lie, curse, and damage someone’s life.  We can ruin a person’s reputation and shatter someone’s heart.  What is the mature believer called to do with such power?

I pray that you can join me this coming Sunday as we dive into James 3 and answer a couple of important questions together.  I truly believe that this Sunday has the potential to change the way that we think about the power of our words.

Have a great rest of the week!  I’m looking forward to worshiping with you on Sunday, and I am expectant and excited about what God is going to do.


Pastor Brandon