February 25, 2022

“The Marks of Patience and Prayer”

Our Marks of Maturity sermon series has been amazing. I’ve received lots of great feedback regarding every message and how timely this series has been. For those who have “an ear to hear,” this series has been extremely rewarding in growing our faith and challenging us to live it out loud!

On Sunday, Brent Doolin will deliver the last message in this series. His message, “The Marks of Patience and Prayer,” will come from James 5. I hope you’ll take the time to read that chapter a few times before we gather on Sunday morning.

When it comes to the mark of patience, Brent will talk about how patience develops in our lives, the key to living patiently, and two specific areas where we’re called to show patience. When it comes to the mark of prayer, Brent will focus on where we can start in developing a life characterized by prayer. You won’t want to miss this final message as we bring our current series to a close.

Pursuing maturity in Jesus,

pastor jamie