February 7, 2020

“What Happens When We Pray?”

Over the past 3 weeks, we’ve answered several questions about prayer. We’ve learned that prayer is how we continue our ongoing conversation with God.  We’ve learned there are many reasons as to why we should pray; namely, because God tells us to and when we do, we participate in the “so that” of His kingdom.  We’ve also learned there are many biblical models as to how we should pray. This coming Sunday, I will pose one final question – “What happens when we pray?” To answer that question, we’ll focus on a story in Acts 12:1-24.  Please take the time to read it and familiarize yourself with its characters before you arrive on Sunday morning. Also, I hope you’ll plan to join us here at FFC tomorrow night for our Concert of Prayer.  If you’ve never been to a concert of prayer, I think you’ll find it very meaningful and exciting!  We’ll get started at 7 pm and conclude by 8:15 pm.  Bring a friend with you! Prayerfully yours, pastor jamie