January 12, 2024

“Knowing God Through His Names”

Over the first eight weeks of 2024, we’re focusing on what it means to “experience” God.  For the Israelites, “experiencing” God was identical to knowing God.  In other words, to truly know Him required one to experience Him.

This sermon series will also run in conjunction with a 12-week Bible study called, Experiencing God, that will kick-off on Wednesday, January 31. Be sure to get signed up so you can be a part of this exciting study.

One of the ways in which we come to know God is to experience Him through His names. Did you know there are over 950 names and titles given to God in the Bible? Each of these names reveals more to us about our unfathomable God. But more than simply increasing our head knowledge of who God is, knowing His names introduces us to practical ways in which we can experience who God is.

As you probably know, we will live stream Sunday’s service at 10 am in order to keep our members and friends off the snowy roads and out of the bone-chilling temperatures forecast for Sunday morning. During Sunday’s service, I’ll be sharing a message that focuses on the first name God uses to reveal Himself to us in the opening chapters of Genesis. That name is Elohim. I hope you’ll join us as we consider the ways God wants us to know Him through this name.

Be safe and stay warm!

pastor jamie