June 23, 2023

Seeds Worth Planting

This will be our final week in the study from the devotional book “One Month to Live”.   Over the past few weeks, we have been encouraged to live passionately, lovingly, and humbly whether we have 30 days or 30 years to live.  This week we will close the study by being encouraged to leave this life intentionally.

What are we leaving behind?  We are all leaving things behind that will outlive us – whether we like it or not.  Asked another way, what seeds are we planting?  From John 1.14, we learn that Jesus came from the Father full of grace and truth.  It’s a simple fact that we plant what we are filled with.  Jesus was full of grace and truth, and, if you look at the whole of the Gospels, you’ll find that He planted grace and truth in every person and situation that He encountered.

I hope that you will join us as we consider what it looks like for followers – or better, apprentices – of Jesus to plant grace and truth in the people and situations we encounter regardless of the number of our days.

Learning to plant the right seeds,