March 11, 2022

Prepared by a New Perspective

Nat Wyeth, an engineer and inventor, told a story about his brother Andrew, who was an artist. Andrew had been commissioned to do a picture of Lafayette’s quarters near Chadds Ford in Pennsylvania.  The picture included an old sycamore tree behind the building.  When Nat first saw the painting, Andrew wasn’t finished with it.  Andrew showed his brother a lot of preliminary drawings he had done of the trunk of that old sycamore tree – pictures of its gnarled roots, where the roots went, the direction and bent of the trunk.  Nat asked Andrew “Where’s all of that in the picture?”  Andrew responded, “It’s not in the picture, but for me to get what I want in the part of the tree that is in the picture, I’ve got to know thoroughly how it is anchored in the back of the house.”  Nat paused, astonished, and thought to himself how remarkable that was.  In order to draw the tree above the house with such authenticity, Andrew prepared first by learning exactly how the tree was in the ground. 

Last week Pastor Jamie delivered an inspiring message encouraging us to begin our part of preparing for God to do a work in and through us.  He encouraged us to begin “digging ditches” to prepare for the rain that will follow.  This week, I want to continue with the same theme of preparation.  Sometimes the greatest work of preparation begins simply with a change of perspective.  Our perspective can prepare us for the blessings and the work that is ahead. 

I pray you can join us this coming Sunday as we look at the story of Gideon, where we find that we can be Prepared by a New Perspective.  See you Sunday!   


Pastor Brandon