March 26, 2021

“Spectator or Follower?”

Human beings are strangely fickle. You can be loved one day and hated the next simply because of one petty action. Why, even one politically charged “tweet” can transform you from friend to foe. In that regard, not much has changed since the first Palm Sunday.

I’m amazed how quickly many of those Palm Sunday worshippers became Good Friday rebels.

Among the crowd that day were two groups of people – spectators and followers.  While the hosannas of the followers were heartfelt, those of the spectators faded within five days. While a small remnant of worshippers remained strong to the end, hundreds of spectators succumbed to peer pressure and changed their allegiance on Good Friday.

All of this forces me to ask myself the obvious question – Had I been there that morning, which would I have been? A spectator or a follower?

After Jesus’ entrance on Palm Sunday, He spent time challenging spectator Christianity.  In three separate events, Jesus pictures what’s involved in becoming a fully-devoted follower of Christ. The first event was on Monday when He cleared the temple. The second was on Tuesday when He cursed the barren fig tree, and the third was later on Tuesday when He told His followers to prepare for a rough road ahead.

I’m looking forward to our time spent in God’s Word this coming Sunday. Before you make your way to church, I hope you’ll read these two passages Luke 19:36-40 and Luke 23:13-22.

After reading, ask yourself, this question: How can Palm Sunday worshippers become Good Friday rebels?

See you Sunday!

pastor jamie