May 20, 2022

“Prevailing Against Satan’s Opposition”

I’m grateful for any prayers you’ve lifted on my behalf this week. My voice is returning even as I continue to battle these crazy allergies.

My plan is to return to the fourth chapter of Nehemiah where rebuilding the wall becomes even more difficult due to the resistance of Sanballat, Tobiah, and Gesham.  It really is true – Whenever God starts a work among His people, the enemy is right there to oppose it.

As we consider the tactics of these three men, we’ll become better informed as to how our adversary, Satan, works in trying to deter us as we rebuild the broken walls in our lives.

On Sunday, we’ll identify four tactics Satan uses against God’s people and then focus on four strategies we can utilize in fighting Satan who wants to thwart God’s will from unfolding in our lives.

I hope to see you on Sunday as we take another step towards rebuilt lives that bring glory to God.

Learning to battle,

pastor jamie