May 6, 2022

Four Lessons for Rebuilding

I love to do “fix-it” projects around our house. I’ve been told I get that love from my paternal grandpa – John Page. Whenever we’d visit his house, he’d always want to show me the multiple projects he was working on.  

Do-it-yourself projects always go better if you’ve learned some helpful lessons along the way. To this day,  I appreciate the lessons I learned from my dad about wiring and electricity, and the lessons I learned from Sarah’s dad about working with wood. The lessons they taught me were invaluable.

When it comes to rebuilding broken things in our lives, like walls, Nehemiah 3, holds some very helpful lessons. On Sunday, we’re going to focus on four of those rebuilding lessons.

I hope you’ll read through Nehemiah 3 before Sunday. As you do, I also hope you enjoy pronouncing the 42 names you’ll encounter. Trust me, they’re names you don’t hear much here in mid-Missouri.

Please know I’m already praying for every person, and especially our moms, that will come through our doors this coming Sunday. I know God will be among us and I know He specializes in rebuilding broken things.

Ready to learn!

pastor jamie