November 10, 2023

Consider Your Ways

Week One:  Kingdom Priorities

Priorities are enigmatic things, aren’t they?  They are different for each person.  They can change over the course of one’s life.  Each person reading this who will join us for worship on Sunday may possess a unique composition of priorities that direct his or her decision making, and his or her life.

This was illustrated in a story told about President John Quincy Adams and his father Charles Francis Adams.  Both President Adams and his father kept a journal during his childhood.  Their drastically different perspective on priorities were displayed in their individual journal entries regarding a summer day when Charles took his son, John, fishing.  Charles penned in his journal, “Went fishing with my son today – a day wasted.”  On the contrary, John recorded his thoughts on the day writing, “Went fishing with my father – the most wonderful day of my life!” 

It’s interesting that the father viewed the day as wasting time, while the son perceived the time spent as the greatest day of his life.  Priorities can so deeply determine and influence our perspective of time spent.  The only way to tell the difference between wasting and investing is to know one’s ultimate purpose in life. 

I have the distinct honor of kicking off a brand-new series, Consider Your Ways, this coming Sunday on the Old Testament book of Haggai.  I look forward to introducing this often-overlooked book of the Old Testament and worshiping with you as we gather to consider Kingdom Priorities.


Pastor Brandon