November 20, 2020

“I Believe in the Forgiveness of Sins”

There’s a line in the Apostles’ Creed that reads, “I believe in the forgiveness of sins.” What does that mean? I believe it means two things. First, it means we believe in a God who completely forgive us of our sins and, second, it means we believe God expects us to forgive people who sin against us. I read this unattributed quote the other day, “If you are alive you will have to forgive or you will dissolve into bitterness.” I’ve seen that with my own eyes and in my own life.

That’s why Sunday’s message is so important.  If we don’t hear it and obey it, we run the risk of missing God’s forgiveness and missing the chance to forgive those who have sinned against us.

Sunday’s text is one of my favorites. I hope you’ll take the time to read 2 Samuel 9:1-8 before Sunday. As you read it, keep in mind that David represents Jesus and Mephibosheth (what a name) represents you and me.  

The incredibly Good News in this story is pretty simple to find – God is willing to forgive our darkest and ugliest sins. But, if that’s true, why do so many of us struggle to accept God’s forgiveness? Well, that’s what I plan to talk about on Sunday.

I hope to see you online at 10 AM. Call a friend and invite them to “go to church” with you this Sunday.

pastor jamie