November 25, 2022

As we approach the Advent season, I sometimes struggle with seeing it simply as dates on the calendar, a countdown to Christmas day. But as I prepared for this message, studying three Old Testament prophecies of the coming Savior, I began to think about what living in the tension leading up to Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection would have been like. It was in the study of God’s people throughout scripture that I began to understand the depths of joy and wonder surrounding the long-anticipated arrival of Jesus. To look upon these familiar promises with the eyes of the original audiences and their limited context, I began to see the true significance of what we celebrate the four Sundays leading up to Christmas.

On Sunday, we’ll look at the promises of the virgin birth, the arrival to Jerusalem on a donkey, and the crucifixion. We’ll analyze their cultural and historical significance and look at how each were fulfilled in the New Testament.

I hope that you can be with us as we study the need, anticipation, and advent of Jesus’ arrival on the scene, and that you will experience the same joy I have experienced in this season.

Josiah Kee