November 4, 2022

“Empowered to Face Opposition”

Have you ever been ridiculed, persecuted, or opposed because of your faith? I’ve had a few of those experiences. In some cases, I handled it well; in others, I did not.

This coming Sunday we’ll look at Acts 5:17-42 where the apostles faced opposition due to the truth they both believed and proclaimed. As we consider the passage, we’ll discover four responses people can have to the truth.

They can attack it. They can affirm it. They can avoid it. They can announce it.

Sunday’s message will provide some practical, biblical counsel to any believer who desires to live by the truth of God’s Word and share His truth with others, even in the face of opposition. I hope you’ll take the time to read the text several times before you get to church.

Remember – Daylight Savings Time ends Saturday night. That means you’ll turn your clocks back 1 hour and gain a little extra sleep!

See you Sunday!

pastor jamie