November 6, 2020

A Part of Something Big

At some level, I think that most of us want to be a part of something big.  We have a desire to make a difference.  For some, it is important to be remembered.  Some want to be a part of that championship team.  Some want to play music to the biggest crowds in the most famous venues. For some, it’s rising to the CEO position of a world-wide company, and some dream of discovering the cure for a devastating disease.  Secretly and sometimes not so secretly we all want to be a part of something big. But why?  Where do those desires come from?

In Ecclesiastes 3, the Bible say that God has placed eternity in our hearts.  At our core, we know that there is something bigger than us.  Unfortunately, in our fallen nature, we try to fill our lives with so many other things that we think are the “bigger things”.  It isn’t that those things are necessarily bad, but, for Christians, they are not the “bigger” or eternal things.

God so wants us to recognize that in Christ we have been put into something of His design and His plan that is big – no, HUGE.  He has made those who trust in Christ a part of His Church.  I hope that you’ll be with us on Sunday as we look at what a truly big deal that is and the implications it has for our lives.