October 2, 2020

“Yes, Changes Everything!”

“Yes” is one of the shortest words in any language. In German it’s pronounced, “Ja.” In Spanish it’s, “Si,” and in French, the language of love, it’s “Oui!” But it’s also one of the most powerful words spoken in any language.

Noah said YES to God and then built an ark. He was saved, while others perished. Joseph said YES to God and forgave his brothers. Then he watched 12 relationships change. Mary said YES to God and became the mother of Jesus. Then she watched God’s plan of redemption unfold. Jesus said YES to God the Father, died on the cross, and secured salvation for all who believe on Him.

On a personal level, your “yes” to God is the key to abundant life! So, this coming Sunday, we’ll focus our attention on one question:

What happens when we say “yes” to God’s offer of salvation?

To prepare for Sunday’s service, please take the time to read John 3:1-16.

Praying for change!

pastor jamie