November 1, 2019

“Back to Basics: God Incarnate”

We believe  that Jesus Christ was

  1. conceived by the the Holy Spirit and
  2. born of the virgin Mary.

This leads us to the age old conclusion that Jesus was fully God (concieved by the Holy Spirit) and full man (born of the virgin Mary). Our faith teaches that Jesus was (and is) one person, but that he simultaneously existed with two natures. This is known in theological circles as the Hypostatic Union. Does this doctoring bring about confusion to you? If so, then you aren’t alone. The truth is that the Apostle’s Creed and other teachings since the canonization of the Bible often still leave us scratching our head. But this isn’t because the creeds or doctrines are wrong. The Apostle’s Creed exists to bring definition to our faith. It removes ambiguity. But that doesn’t mean we understand everything about God. This is known as the concept of mystery. There are a great many things (the Hypostatic Union being a prime example) which are impossible for our minds to fully grasp as humans. We are not able to comprehend them, however, we are able to apprehend them. What I mean to say is this. It is possible to take into custody and even accept information as true without fully grasping the intricate details of that truth. In the natural world this is where science helps. But in the spiritual world this is where faith comes to the rescue. We will explore this idea more this Sunday and I am looking forward to worship the majesty and wonder of our God with you. Pastor Clayton