October 28, 2022

Empowered to be Authentic

Acts 4:32 – 5:11

“Half of the misery in this world comes from trying to LOOK, instead of trying to BE, what one is not.”  – George MacDonald

As we continue our way through the book of Acts, I am excited to take a deep dive into what it looks like when a believer is EMPOWERED TO BE AUTHENTIC.  As we bring chapter 4 of Acts to a close, we are given clear examples of what it looks like for the believer of Jesus to live a life empowered by the Holy Spirt in true authenticity.  As we will discuss, this is the expectation of every one who calls Jesus their Savior and Lord. 

However, in the beginning pages of Acts 5, we are given a warning of what can happen when a believer fails to live a life empowered to be authentic, but rather lives a life rooted in hypocrisy and deceit.  Being aware of the warnings that we are given is also a benefit of pursuing a life that is empowered by the Holy Spirt. 

I pray that you and your family will be able to join us to worship with one another this coming Sunday.  I truly believe that the passage that is before us this week is a timely message and a relevant one for this day and age.  I look forward to how the Word of God will spur us on to live EMPOWERED TO BE AUTHENTIC.


Pastor Brandon