October 29, 2021

“A Tale of Two Visions”

The story is told of a bickering couple who came to see their preacher due to ongoing marital conflict. When all three sat down in the pastor’s office, the wife immediately announced, “Preacher, I’m thankful you agreed to see us today because John over there has always said he’d kill anyone I ever shared our problems with.”

On Sunday, we’re going to talk about God’s vision for marriage and what results when a husband and wife embrace that vision. We’ll consider the warning of Jesus when He said, “A house divided against itself will surely collapse.”  We’ll also reflect on the question Amos posed when he asked, “Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?”

I’m very excited about Sunday’s gathering and what we’ll be hearing from God’s Word.  God has something to say to all of us – marrieds and singles!

Seeking Him,

pastor jamie