Friday, October 9

“Yes to God Provides an Escape from the Power of Sin”

Last week in our sermon series Yes Changes Everything, Pastor Jamie eloquently reminded us that our “Yes” to Jesus provides an entrance to eternal life.  As we continue this week, I want to submit to you that a “Yes” to God provides an escape from the power of sin.

What is sin?  It is anything that separates us from the will of God.  How do we overcome the power of our sins?  I believe it is by saying “Yes” to God.  Perhaps Dietrich Bonhoeffer summed it up best when he said:

“You have only one master now . . . But with this “yes” to God belongs just as clear a “no”.  Your “yes” to God requires your “no” to all injustice, to all evil, to all likes, to all oppression and violation of the weak and poor, to all ungodliness, and to all mockery of what is holy.  Your “yes” to God requires a “no” to everything that tries to interfere with your serving God alone, even if that is your job, your possessions, your home, or your honor to the world.  Belief means decisions.”

I pray you can join us this Sunday as we continue to explore how Yes Changes Everything.


Pastor Brandon