September 3, 2021

“Drawing Near”

When I think about it, I basically have three types of “friends.”

Let me start with my “Trail Friends.”  Like the people I meet on the Katy Trail while walking or biking, these are the friends I daily greet with a simple “Good Morning” or a “Hello.”

I also have my “News, Weather, and Sports Friends.” It’s with these friends I discuss the general matters of life. Even though I’m around these friends a lot, I rarely venture into the waters of deep conversation with them.

Finally, I have my “Heart Friends.” It’s with these friends I share the personal matters of my life. My heart friends know my greatest joys, my greatest concerns, and personal, daily struggles.

While my friendships are an amazing blessing, I’m truly blown away to learn God wants me to have a relationship with Him that is deeper and greater than any earthly friendship I have. It’s true – God invites you and me to “draw near” to Him.

The writer of Hebrews utilizes the Old Testament Tabernacle to describe how God has cleared the way for us to draw near to Him (Hebrews 10:19-22). Using the three rooms of the Tabernacle – the Holy of Holies, the Holy Place, and the Outer Court – the writer pictures how our relationship with God is to move from the OuterCourt (salvation), through The Holy Place, into The Holy of Holies (His very presence). Sadly, many believers never grow beyond an outer court relationship with God.

This coming Sunday, I’ll be talking about how each of us can move beyond the outer court into the Holy Place and into the Holy of Holies.

In preparation for Sunday, I encourage you to study the Old Testament Tabernacle to discover what pieces of furniture occupied the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies. Each of these pieces serve to more fully describe what happens in us when we draw near to Him.

Pressing in,

pastor jamie