January 19, 2024

Experiencing God

Doing God’s Will

Have you written a script telling the story of your life and passing it on to God, indicating many of your life steps, thinking he’ll automatically read it, approve it, and sign off on it? Anytime you pursue your dreams and leave God out of the planning process, it’s very possible that you have replaced God with your dreams, and that’s a form of idolatry. I’m not suggesting that you have little statues laid out in your bedroom, but your heart could potentially be filled with them. This is not to say you should be directionless or ambitionless – odds are likely we have plenty of that, but it is to say that your plans, your dreams can be a cover-up for self-centered ambitions, and that’s when it can become toxic. Your dreams and ambitions may even be good, but what if God had something greater?

In week three of our series Experiencing God, I want to look at four questions we can ask ourselves when it comes to determining if we are DOING GOD’S WILL.  I believe these four questions can help us determine if we are doing the wrong things in our pursuit of fulfilling the calling God has placed on our life.

I hope you can join us this Sunday to worship with one another and to hear the Word of the Lord and allow it to change us, to form us, to inspire us to be about the things the Lord has truly called us to with our lives.

Can’t wait to worship with you,

Pastor Brandon