Ministry Directors: Clayton and Amanda Kreisel

what is navs@cmu?

Navs@CMU is a campus ministry that Faith Family fully partners with to reach the students of Central Methodist University.  The video below will help you understand more.

[vimeo w=900]

I am a college student, can I get involved?

Without question.  Navs@CMU is made just for you.  Navs tries to meet you right where you are at whether you grew up in the church or have never set step inside one before.  All you need to have is some time and questions in order to be served by this ministry.

For more info visit the official Navs@CMU website here.


when and where is navs@cmu?

Navs@CMU can not be defined by a place and a time.  They are willing to meet you wherever, whenever, and that is figurative as well as literal.

That being said if you stop by the Nav House anytime during the school year there is a great chance you will be able to meet a couple students as well as Clayton and Amanda.  The Nav House is located at 502 N. Church St.

For an up-to-date calendar of events visit: and click “Calendar.”

can i partner with this ministry?

Absolutely!!!  The Navs@CMU is always looking for ways to get members of Faith Family involved with college students.  This could be as intense as attending weekly meetings and discipling a college student or as simple as having a student over to your house for coffee or dinner.

For more information on how to get involved contact Clayton or Amanda or visit the official Navs@CMU website.

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