Our Family

We are a Family

We are a community of believers and a family of believers.

“And this commandment have we from Him, that he who loveth God love his brother also.”

– 1 John 4:21

We strive to make this calling true in our lives.  Below are some quotes from Faith Family members (past and present) who have seen this verse come to life in this body.

“Faith Family is really that… a family.  The people genuinely care about one another and desire to see each other grow and mature in Christ.  It is safe.  The Truth is taught.  I see Jesus in the people.  And, of course, Bill makes awesome food!  I think Faith Family should move to Charleston, SC so I can still go there!  Seriously though, I wish I could say ‘thank you’ enough to everyone there, But I don’t know how.  I remember going to Faith Family the first time and realizing that God is real… his power is real… Jesus’ love is true… the Holy Spirit is here.”

– Sandra Tye

“Faith Family is a safe place in an unstable world.  After spending the week putting on my happy face, it is nice to enter a place where I can truly be myself even if I am not at my best.

The people are genuine and compassionate.

Faith Family is not perfect (after all we are all human), but we are open to the will and the call of God.  If you want to experience the love of God, Faith Family is the place to be.”

– April Yates

“Faith Family means everything to me!  After joining Faith Family a two years ago, I have watched my teenage son’s faith blossom.  He can’t wait to get to church!  He tells me to hurry so we won’t be late.  He asks me if we can attend on Wednesday nights and any other time special activities are taking place.  He has an abundance of godly, family-oriented men to follow who lead by example.  What a blessing to a single mom!  I have also grown tremendously in my faith journey over the past two years.  Faith Family is a place where love and grace abound.  It’s a place where the Holy Spirit is present and working in the hearts of people.  It’s a place where families can gather with a larger family of believers to laugh and learn and worship the Father together.”

– Nancee Gladden

“Before I came to Faith Family, I was lost and lonely; I was depressed and looking to all of the wrong things to help me get out of the rut that I had found myself in.  I’ve been attending Faith Family for 4 years now, and can honestly say that I know that God has filled that hole that I longed to fill and my feet are firmly planted on the Rock.

God is amazing and He’s truly doing so much work through this church; if you’re wondering whether or not to attend, I highly recommend attending at least once or twice and I guarentee that you won’t need to look any farther.  Pastor Jamie and the entire family of Faith Family are amazing and will gladly welcome you!  I hope to see you there!!”

– Jennifer Stringham

“On the first visit to Faith Family, Greg and I both had such a feeling of belonging… it was incredible.  Faith Family stresses the same values we hold dear:

1) discipleship – modeling God’s character in how we live our lives and the encouragement to grow

2) our service – using our gifts and talents to help others and telling others about Christ,

3) fellowship – meeting and interacting with fellow believers for our mutual benefit,

4) worship – the worship is God-centered.

Faith Family is made up of individuals who love the Lord and desire a closer, deeper relationiship with him and it is evident in all the things we do.  It is truly like belonging to one, big family.  We can’t imagine  being anywhere else!”

– Greg and Shirley Stidham