Our History

Faith Family was started by a small group of believers, led by Rev. Jim Garrett, with a vision to reach the community of Fayette with the life-changing power of God’s Word.  In the beginning, the group met in a theater located on the square in Fayette.

In 1981, while renting a small store-front building on South Main right next door to the community bar, the group filed a charter and became Faith Family Fellowship.  Although the next year Rev. Garrett was called to move to Tennessee, the vision for the church remained strong.  Soon afterwards, the church purchased a building at the corner of South Main and Morrison.  In the years that followed, the church, led by different pastors, depended upon God’s faithfulness as it faced new challenges.

Then in 1984, with a heart for people and a desire for the body to grow, Lecil Frink became pastor.  He felt led to pray that the Lord would fill the church with babies and little children.  Through God’s provision, young families started joining the church and the number of children began to flourish.  It was during this time that a young couple, Jamie and Sarah Page, joined the church.

in 1988 (recognizing that a ministerial call had been placed upon Jamie Page), Pastor Frink knew that it was time, in obedience to the Lord, for the pastorate to be passed on to another.  Jamie Page answered the call and became the pastor of Faith Family.

Ever faithful, God continued His work through His servants at Faith Family.  People from miles around joined hearts and hands together and became part of this body of Christ “to invite the seeker to salvation and disciple the believer to maturity so that each may become a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ.”
In the spring of 2002, the roof of the “church on the square” was ripped off during a terrible storm.  It was determined that the building was a total loss and that plans needed to be made for a new facility.  For the next year, the church family met in the Fayette High School and the First Baptist Front of Faith Family BuildingEducation Building as the new church building was being built on a tract of land just south of Fayette.  Even during this transition, the church family grew, in numbers and relationships with the Lord and each other.  In July 2003, Faith Family moved into its new facility on 30+ acres at 710 Highway 240, Fayette, Missouri.

Although thankful for the new facility and recognizing it as a gift from God, Faith Family knows that the ministry is not about buildings, it’s about people.  It’s about people coming to Christ, people being transformed by the Word of God, people growing as followers of Christ and people engaging in ministry that will positively impact Fayette, surrounding communities, the Mid-Missouri region and world for the glory of God!