First Thing’s First


First Thing’s First

January 3, 2016 by Jamie Page
Series:General, Misc.

Sermon Synopsis

I hear these words a lot, especially when I’m watching the NFL channel. It doesn’t matter if it’s a seasoned head coach, a legendary quarterback, or a no-name rookie who utters those familiar words; they all mean the same thing. Before NFL teams start talking about winning the Super Bowl they underscore the importance of first things first. In their case, first things first refers to things like physical conditioning, team chemistry, training camp, and basic X’s and O’s. I read the Bible I see the same idea surfacing. For instance, before Nehemiah ever drew up a blueprint, secured finances, developed consensus, or sought input regarding his desire to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, he focused on first things first. First things first to Nehemiah was PRAYER (1:4). The most important thing should always get the priority and so it was with Nehemiah. He knew prayer was the key to seeing crumbling walls rebuilt. He knew prayer was the gateway to any success that would follow his efforts. I believe the same is true for us at Faith Family Church. I know this – there are many exciting ministry opportunities awaiting us in 2016 but before we take one step towards their realization God wants us to prioritize prayer! First things first!

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