This is My Story: Matt and Paula Volkmann




This is My Story: Matt and Paula Volkmann

Sermon Synopsis

Stories spark emotions in me. Some stories make me peaceful. Others make me sad. Some stories inspire me to courage, while others make me downright afraid. Stories help me make sense out of life. They help me better understand and interpret the world around me. Jesus was an amazing storyteller. His stories drew people in and then illuminated their minds as to what God was really like and how they could live their lives in Him. Stories provide a way for me to learn from others. Every time I listen to someone’s story I learn something that helps me as I make my journey through life. The best coaches, business leaders, and preachers today use stories to inspire their organizations, teams, and churches to all they can be. Stories can even reshape our behaviors and mindsets. This coming Sunday we’re going to hear a couple share a portion of their story as it relates to God’s activity, leading, and provision in their lives. Matt and Paula Volkmann are looking forward to sharing with all of us the powerful ways God has been and is moving in their lives. I’m certain their story will spark emotions in us, help us make better sense out of life, and teach us something new and awesome about God.

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