True Wisdom


True Wisdom

October 18, 2015

Sermon Synopsis

James chapter three tells us about two kinds of wisdom, one that is of this world, and one that is from God; we get to choose which one we follow. Earlier in James chapter one, we are told that “if anyone lacks wisdom, you should ask God,” but what kinds of places are we finding wisdom that are not Godly? The wisdom of the world would tell us that it’s all about me! Everything eventually comes back to “me” being at the center of everyone’s attention, including God. The selfishness produced by this wisdom leads us away from the truth in God’s completed work in Christ Jesus at the cross. The wisdom from God would tell a different story. The wisdom of God reminds us that it’s all about HIM! The reality that he has purchased us at the cross to be his own, encourages us to put aside all selfish ambition and glorify the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords every day. Be sure to read James 3:13-18 before this Sunday and check out all of the first three chapters as well if you haven’t been caught up with the series. I hope that this weekend we can discover together how it looks when the believer has the true wisdom of God.

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