Watchers and Doers


Watchers and Doers

November 8, 2015 by Jamie Page
Series:General, Misc.

Sermon Synopsis

“Watchers and Doers!” Let me start with the obvious – it’s easier to watch someone dig a ditch than it is to do it. Likewise, it’s easier watch ministry than it is to do it. For instance, it’s easier to lay on the couch and watch a TV show about the love of Jesus than it is to cross the street and show your neighbor the love of Jesus. I think all of us know we should be watching less and doing more and that creates a tension in our hearts. I believe Sunday’s message can help us with that tension. I believe it can help us move from being watchers to doers. In the ninth chapter of Matthew, Jesus heals five people while the disciples watch. But in the very next chapter, the 12 are sent out to do ministry. What changed? What transformed 12 watchers into 12 doers? I believe the last verse of chapter 9 holds our answer. In that verse, Jesus tells His disciples to pray asking God to send workers into His harvest field. I believe they did what they were told and, after praying for the harvest of unbelievers around them, God changed their hearts towards those unbelievers. With changed hearts that could see people as Jesus saw people, the disciples became doers of ministry and not mere watchers. The same thing can happen with us. With changed hearts we can engage in ministry and not just watch. When we see as Jesus sees, we’ll do as Jesus does and He goes to people in need.

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