Sermons by Ryan Shaw

What Is The Gospel?

Missionary Ryan Shaw shares simply but deeply what the Good News of the Kingdom means for us and why it is crucial that we share it with the world.
Matthew 24:14, Matthew 4:17, Matthew 10:7, Luke 10:9, Acts 19:8, Acts 20:25-27, John 3:3
July 2, 2023 by Ryan Shaw

God’s Global Initiative

Missionary Ryan Shaw shares the heart of God for His people to reach the nations.
June 12, 2022 by Ryan Shaw

The Revelation of Jesus

Missionary Ryan Shaw continues our Journey with John series with a look at The Revelation of Jesus.
June 30, 2019 by Ryan Shaw

The Status of the Great Commission

Missionary Ryan Shaw delivers an informative message about the status of missions work around the world.
Series: , Misc.
June 24, 2018 by Ryan Shaw

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Ryan Shaw breaks down the five phases of The Gospel of the Kingdom.
Series: , Special Guest
June 25, 2017 by Ryan Shaw
Psalm 32:8-9
Series: , Special Guest
July 10, 2016 by Ryan Shaw
Series: , Special Guest
June 28, 2015 by Ryan Shaw
Series: , Special Guest
July 13, 2014 by Ryan Shaw